Green Spring

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15 sqM - £85 per bag
£1.22 per 1 sqM
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This product has short blades on a backing. It is similar to our budget Squash Grass but with a heavier and denser pile. Great for when you need a slightly better product.

*Note that we can only offer our 2-5 day delivery service on this product, please make sure that you select this service when you check out. If you select the 1-2 service you will either be offered a refund by our sales staff or you will be able to downgrade the service and recieve a refund of the difference

Additional information

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 4 cm
Production Type


Pile Content / Composition


Pile Structure

1/8" Cuptile


Marine Backing


4 Metres

Pile Weight

440 g/SqM

Total Weight

1050 g/SqM

Pile Height

– 6 mm

Total Height

– 7 mm

Fire Rating


UV Stability

2500 xenon hours


Reeds Carpets